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First United Church is the result of the union of St James Methodist and St Paul's Presbyterian churches. In the aftermath of the church union in 1925 (Methodists, Presbyterians and Congregationalists forming the United Church of Canada), these two congregations joined in 1926 with about 400 members.

The Methodists built their church in 1890 at our current location at King and William Streets in Waterloo. Plans were made for an expansion in 1929, but because of the Depression, were greatly modified. In 1954, Hilliard Hall was added, and in 1966, the members of First United took a bold leap, tore down the old building and built a new sanctuary. By the time it was completed, membership had grown to 1800 people.

There are three stained glass windows at the front of the sanctuary, with Jesus in the middle, St Paul on the right and St James on the left.

In 2003, a Gabriel Kney tracker action organ (which had been built in 1971 for the Aeolian Hall in London Ontario) became available, and the congregation of First United purchased the instrument at a very reasonable price as a replacement for the original Hallman organ. The Kney organ, with its 2633 pipes controlled by 3 manuals plus pedals, was installed in the gallery at the rear of the sanctuary, and is used throughout the year for both church events and wonderful community concerts. 

In 2014, the congregation renovated an existing room to create a new sacred space: our Labyrinth Room. Labyrinths have been used for reflection and meditation in many different cultures and faith traditions for over 3000 years. The sacred geometry of the labyrinth leads you to the centre along one path, and the same path leads you back out. As you walk our labyrinth, you're encouraged to reflect on how God is moving and working in your life. 


Service Times & Location

Sunday Service: 10:30am 

Includes special programs for babies, children and youth.

Accessible building, with special supports for those who are hearing impaired or have low-vision.

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16 William St
Waterloo, ON