Worth Change

January 22, 2018

This message is based on Jonah3: 1 - 5, 10 and Mark 1: 14 - 20.

You must know someone who is so frustratingly stubborn in the errors of their way that you finally just want to give up on them. No matter how many chances they get or how much good advice they receive, they just keep falling into the same holes.

In this message, Eva Mezo - a minister at First United in Waterloo - looks at several examples of people who were tasked with changing the hearts of others when the outcome appeared to be predetermined for failure. In spite of that, something positive resulted even in the face of certain disappointment.

Service Times & Location

Sunday Service: 10:30am 

Includes special programs for babies, children and youth.

Accessible building, with special supports for those who are hearing impaired or have low-vision.

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16 William St
Waterloo, ON