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We have had a couple of changes in the Ministry and Personnel Committee so we thought it was time to communicate with you. We first want to thank Joanne MacPhail for many years as chair of this committee; we understand her decision to take a break from this work. We welcome Jean MacLean back to the committee and note that Joan Westcott is now chairing the committee.

The M&P Committee acts under the guidelines of The Manual of the United Church of Canada. We function around three roles: the consultative and supportive role, the healthy relationships role, and the supervisory role. We work to build positive and trusting relationships between staff members and members and adherents of the community of faith. Each staff member has a member of the M&P Committee as a liaison for ongoing communication.

We at First United Church, Waterloo are blessed with staff who are caring and committed to their work and the ministry and mission of our church.

If members of this community of faith have praise or concerns about staff, both ministry personnel and lay employees, we hope that you will speak directly with the staff member. Should you wish support, a member of the M&P Committee could attend the conversation with you. Any serious concern can be shared in signed correspondence with the M&P committee. The issue will be considered confidentially by the M&P Committee who will recommend action.

Current members of the M&P Committee are Suzanne Armstrong, Marg Dickson, Joan Lapp, Jean MacLean, Nola Mott and Joan Westcott (Chair).