The final Congregational Renewal report from Credence & Co. was presented to the Church Board on January 12, 2020.

From the report:

It has been a source of great joy for Credence to work with First United Church, Waterloo. The congregation is full of warmthand potential. The desire for a deeper relationship with God is palpable, congregants long for deeper connection with one another, and the congregation is committed to finding ways to support the needs of the community. Together these characteristics form a strong foundation upon which the congregation can build.

The full report is in the area below with the title: Credence - First United Waterloo - Final Report.pdf


These files for Prayer and Reflection were referenced in the March 29, 2020 Worship Service

The links below correspond to the letter of September 19. Please Click Here to view the videos titled

21st Century Dynamics

Characteristics of a Thriving Congregation

Wrestling with Angels

These videos are Courtesy of Credence & Co. and are presented by Dr. Betty Pries