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The search process is not always easy and there are sometimes setbacks.

An important part in talking with potential candidates for the position of minister, is discerning if the relationship will work. Ideally, through that discernment process both sides will feel that we are called into ministry together, however, other times the search team or the minister discerns that the relationship will not work.

A minister may be talented but perhaps not the right fit for the congregation, other times it may be the minister who feels that they are not being called into ministry with First United at this time.

It is disappointing for the search team when discussions don't work out, but we trust that this is a spirit led process. It does mean that your search team gets back to work and continues its search.

We ask for your patience and your prayers, and know that we will not move forward with an appointment or call until we are confident that it is a match that works for both the minister and for First United.


Greg Case
Marilyn Gerriets
Isaac Morland
Kristin Snell
Carol Stephenson (Regional representative)
Joan Westcott