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Report on Spring Meeting from WOW Representatives by Cathie Savage

Attended by Cathie Savage, Jeff Learmonth and Greg Case

This was a hybrid meeting with some of us there in person and some on zoom, the in person portion was held at the Unifor Family Education Centre, in Port Elgin. This hybrid meeting was done very well, and I think it was because of a combination of having one person assigned to consistently host the zoom room and the chair consistantly checking in with them. When there was table group time, they were moved into chat rooms. They also had their own chaplain who was online with them too.

This experience was a bit unique also, as our last meetings at the UNIFOR Centre were combined with two other regions, so numbers were smaller and the whole experience was much more relaxed and less hectic. 

As always, the business and worship were integrated. The Theme for the Spring Meeting of WOWRC was Dreaming Dreams. We were very impressed with the way the theme was presented through the story, “Dream: A story of Wonder, Wisdom and Wishes” which interwove favourite colours and intergenerational changes. (Cathie even bought the book!). Around the room were posted inspirational quotes on dreaming that are also included in the artwork of the book.

Throughout the meeting we were encouraged to make folded stars that were added to the decorations through the meeting and were at the front for the service of celebration of new ministries.

Presentations included:

  • Educational information on the remit we will need to vote on (which included resources that will be available for us too),
  • The presentation of flags to 11 Affirming congregations (including First United!).
  • A discussion on volunteer recruitment for WOWRC and the problems we are encountering as a new system.
  • Adam Cresswell shared the exciting information on HUB Building tomorrow's church across Ontario. This is a growing movement that has come out of Ontario United Church camps that allows people in the first third of their lives to form house churches and connect and worship together through the web. They have entered into a “grandparent” relationship with Trinity, Kitchener who help them with both a grant, administration and website.
  • A presentation on the growth of the United Church Foundation
  • A story of deep spirituality by Mary Savage

Business that was addressed included:

  • Electing a slate of officers.
  • Approving candidates Craig Bartlett, Wonder Chimvinga, and Stacey Mortson.
  • Receiving the financial statements for 2022.
  • Looking at the status of Designated Lay Ministers in WOWRC with the possibility of them becoming Voluntary Associate Ministers

The meeting ended with a Celebration of Ministries Service where the new executive was installed and the candidates admitted, ordained or commissioned.