Here comes summer! For many of us, it’s a time when we get to wind down, head to the cottage, or go camping, or travelling. Does God take holidays? Many might answer, “No.”  And yet, “on the seventh day, God rested from all God’s labours.”  There is something valuable about taking time out, Sabbath time. It can be time to revitalize one’s own energies, time to enjoy recreative activities and the company of family and friends, and time to refresh one’s spirit. Enjoy!

There will still be ministry, outreach, and activity happening in and around First United. The Search Team will be one group engaged in their process of seeking a new minister. They will benefit from your prayers and support. The outdoor vegetable gardens can use some tending by volunteers; and, if you are passing by, help yourself to whatever produce is there that you can use. The schedule for services of worship during July and August is included in this letter. Note that, in August, there is only one service hosted by First United on the 7th. On the remaining three Sundays, worship will be held at one of the other three United Churches in Waterloo.

 Again, it has been a privilege and honour to have served as your Intentional Interim Minister for these past two years. The primary objective was accomplished, some of the secondary ones await fulfillment. Be patient, be patient. And stay supportive through the Fall and early Winter as there will likely only be part-time supply ministry until a new minister is called and in place. There will be a need for laypeople to take on some of the responsibilities previously tended to by staff, so think about how you might be able to help.