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We made it! We created a Living Faith Story, a job description for a new minister, and filled
in other data needed by Western Ontario Waterways Region to complete a Congregational Profile. Thank you to the Transition Team and the support of a few other helpers, the Church Board, and the Congregation who met on May 27th to offer their approval. The Region will meet soon to give us a green light to post a vacancy for one full-time minister and appoint Carol Stephenson to work with our Search Team as their liaison.

There were some other objectives we hoped to accomplish during this Intentional Interim Ministry time. They got started to some degree and have been left incomplete in hope that with a new minister those pieces of transitional work can go forward.

I have written a letter to the Church Board requesting that my appointment as Intentional Interim Minister end on August 31, 2022. That will be a better option for me as I set out to search for another Intentional Interim or Supply Ministry position beginning on or close to September 1. It has been both an honour, a joy, and yes, at times, a challenge to have served in your midst in this form of ministry. My last preaching Sunday will be August 7th, and my last working day will be August 15th. Between now and the end of August, I will be taking three weeks of vacation for which pastoral coverage has been arranged. (More about that in the next edition of the Friday letter).

Sunday June 12th - At 10:30 am – I will be preaching on the Theme “Left for Dead” and at 4:00 pm there will be Happy Hour Church with communion. 
Link for both is included in this Friday Letter and will be on our church website.

Sunday June 19this Indigenous Sunday - Kelly Laurilla and her partner Al McDonald (a firekeeper) will be with us again in our service of worship. The theme will be “Fire and Light and the Seven Grandfathers Teachings”.

Congratulations Harold! – Harold Arnett will be in Ottawa this weekend to receive the Founders Award at the Student Life Summit powered by the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities.

Evelyn Everest, one of our amazing youth, has been busy with her classmates at St. Matthew’s Catholic School raising funds for relief efforts in the Ukraine. The fashionable blue and yellow felt heart pins made from sustainable materials will be for sale for whatever amount someone wishes to donate. Recently, they presented a cheque for close to $1,100 to members of the congregation of Saint Sophia Ukrainian Church to be forwarded for relief efforts at in the Ukraine.

[Note: the pins can be recycled by being tinted with different colours such as red for Valentine’s Day]