Congregational Life is who we are. This will contain our Annual Report and other important information.

Intentional interim ministry (often referred to simply as interim ministry) is an opportunity for a community of faith to take an intentional time out to seek spiritual and organizational renewal, to rediscover its identity, and to revitalize its mission.

A transition team is in place for our community of faith’s interim ministry period. The team will include four to six people from your community of faith and a representative from the regional council, and the intentional interim minister, once chosen.

With the guidance of the intentional interim minister, the transition team will lead our
community of faith through a process of self-study, discernment, and visioning to rekindle its
call to mission. 

Our Transition Team currently consists of

  • Cathie Stewart Savage - Chair
  • Debora Smith - Secretary
  • Mary Joan Brooker
  • Greg Case
  • Shirley Irish
  • John Lindsay
  • Carol Stephenson – Western Ontario Waterways Region Liaison