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Join the Anti-Racist Working Group at First and participate in "Wait—Is This Racist?: Co-creating Anti-Racist Communities of Faith" program together. This group is open to all who are interested in exploring anti-racist practices in our community of faith. 

The "Wait, Is This Racist" program consists of six online sessions offered between April 2024 and May 2025. (The 1st session is scheduled on April 22(Mon) at 7 pm.) These sessions are designed for congregational teams that have already begun the journey toward becoming an anti-racist church. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with other congregations, deepen their anti-racist awareness, and explore practical ways to advance their anti-racist work.

If you are interested in joining the Anti-Racist Working Group and/or participating in this learning and transformational journey, please contact the Chair of the Board ( or Rev. Hoeun (

For more information, please visit