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Coming soon!    

Saturday November 26 – Sunday December 4

Pickup will be a drive through on Saturday December 10 – all in lots of time for wrapping your purchases for Christmas!

Thanks to the generosity of the vendors at Artisans at First, we already have 34 items for the auction.  With your help we can reach 134.

Items must be new and worth a minimum value of $10 (baking excluded from this minimum).  For each item we need: title, description, value, donor’s name and contact information. 

Blank forms will be available on the table outside the church office. Please contact me if you have items to be picked up or want to list your offer which is not currently tangible.   

 I hope to start receiving items the first week of November as they need to be photographed and the information loaded onto the auction site. Joan Westcott - or 519-883-0284.

Image by jcomp on Freepik