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Canadian Council for the Blind was formed following the First World War to provide social and recreational opportunities for returning soldiers. There is a National office in Ottawa—they will be
celebrating -- 100 YEARS this year !!!!!!!!! Our local group encompasses the Region of Waterloo and
will be celebrating 75 YEARS !!!!! with approximately 29 members.

Once a month our UCW ladies and some friends have been catering a truly home cooked meal for their members since 2001—they are an “ easy to please” group and it is our pleasure to do this. This also helps us to donate to our projects.

CCB is a non-profit organization. They sometimes have speakers or entertainment. In June they raise funds by having people sponsor their walk-a-thon held in St Mary’s High School with a safe walking
track. A few members have a “seeing eye dog” which we also welcome.

In answer to some of your questions. There is no longer a CNIB office in our cities—the closest one is in London.

Edith Coyle

To learn more about the Canadian Council of the Blind Click Here