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On June 4 there was an Update about Establishing an Autonomous National Indigenous Organization

Since then we have received other information from the Western Ontario Waterways Region

What is this remit about? This remit asks if the church will agree to remove structural barriers so that the Indigenous Church can determine its place and structure within The United Church of Canada. The 44th General Council authorized this remit to test the will of the church with respect to this change. The remit came about because, in 2022, at General Council 44, the National Indigenous Council proposed that the church identify and remove any structural barriers that would prevent the development and sustaining of an autonomous National Indigenous Organization within The United Church of Canada. When any requested change in church structure will alter the Basis of Union or The Manual, as this will, a Category 3 Remit is required.

A category 3 remit like this requires every regional council and every pastoral charge to vote. If a vote is not received, it is counted as a vote against the remit. It is important that your pastoral charge board or council consider this proposal. In a multi-point pastoral charge, it is the joint board or council that votes not the individual governing bodies.


Where can I find information about the remit? Information was sent to your pastoral charge in March, but don’t worry. The study guide with the proposal and the response form are available online and are included in this email.

For Educational Videos, Workshop Dates and More Information: 

Here is the link to the Remit 1 information page on the WOWRC website.