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Drivers Needed

Drivers are needed for Friday's at First. Cathie Savage needs to be picked up at Central Fresh Market and driven with Friday's at First groceries to the church.  It is done at a mutually agreeable time but most often on a Friday morning.  This is not a difficult job but it is very much appreciated by Cathie.  If you are able to do this  or would like more information please speak to Vern Hall (519-699-5367 or

White Gift Sunday will be December 10 this year.

The tradition of White Gift Sunday started in 1904. Gifts were brought to the church wrapped in white so that no one else would know what you could bring and thus all could share in the joy of giving regardless of income. These gifts were distributed to families in need.

For the last few years, First United has gathered gifts for the guests who come to our Fridays at First meal. For some of these people, this is the only gift they will get. Others look forward to getting a bag of items that they can share with friends and family.

Lists of suggested items and green bags will be available at the church starting Sunday November 20. These will be received during the service on December 10 and could be dropped off at any time before that if you are not able to attend in person.

Holiday Meal News

Thank you so much to those who have stepped up to keep this tradition going for another year! Stay tuned for how you can help out. We get rolling in just a few weeks!

Cathie Stewart Savage Outreach Chair.