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Municipal elections are being held on October 24th.

There was talk at the gathering on Sunday after church about not knowing much about the municipal election. 

50by30WR sent out to all candidates in the region two questions about their stand on the TransformWR Climate Action strategy and have compiled the answers. The questions were:

  1. In 2021 the Region of Waterloo and its 7 municipalities all endorsed the TransformWR Climate Action strategy and set an interim GHG reduction target of 50% by 2030. Do you support this action?
  2. Will you use your term, if elected, to implement the TransformWR long-term strategy and short-term for community climate change mitigation?

In addition, has listed all the candidates, and has gathered information on what they've said about their priorities in interviews, on twitter, etc. They also have a map, so if you aren't sure which Ward you are in, consult that. In order to vote intelligently on October 24, it would be helpful to check out these resources.