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First United is facing challenges with both financial and human resources to carry out the ministries that matter to us as a congregation. Although we are in a very good location, our building requires considerable attention for both short and long term maintenance.

Our Board has had two meetings with Kindred Works to explore possibilities for our property.

The United Church of Canada established Kindred Works to provide a way to repurpose its properties to respond to Canada's housing crisis, and to create lasting benefits and a legacy for future generations. It is an independent company, redeveloping and managing land on behalf of the UCC, its congregations and ecumenical partners. They transform Church properties into housing and shared spaces that are built to meet broad community needs and promote sustainability.

The Board is excited by the possibility of continuing our outreach work in the community by providing below market affordable housing as well as quality spaces for church programming, supporting tenants who depend on the church for affordable space, and creating sustainable community space. At no cost to us Kindred Works will prepare a feasibility study, to help us see what is possible on our property.

We will continue to update the congregation about our conversations with Kindred Works. All decisions regarding what happens with our property will come back to the congregation to determine the best path forward.

In the meantime, let us remain open to where the Holy Spirit is calling us.