The Board's decision to continue at 1.5 ministers was based on the fact that there were previously two positions:
Minister of Faith Formation and Spiritual Development (Kellie – Full-time 40 hours)
Minister of Worship and Pastoral Care (Eva – Half-Time 20 hours)
60 hours total
Minister of Faith Formation and Spiritual Development will now become an Intentional Interim Minister (IIM) of Faith and Spiritual Development/Renewal (this also includes preaching 2 weeks out of 4)
There was a recognition by the Board that 1.5 time was currently a full and busy schedule for ministerial staff. Given that 35% of the IIM position is working on congregational redevelopment (additional work - 14 hours a week - we are asking that this person help with the implementation of the Betty Pries report, among other things).
That leaves 46 hours to do what was being done previously. Based on that the Board decided on keeping the 1.5 staffing. 
We also would like to be clear that any minister can apply for the half-time position (it is not an intentional interim position), and that it will be subject to an annual renewal.


The Position descriptions are attached.