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The search process has been continuing through November and well into December. We have had the opportunity to have conversations with several ministers over the past few months. While these conversations have not led to success in finding “the minister” for First United they have helped the search team refine what we are looking for as we search.

The current process for finding a minister in the church is different from other hiring processes you may have encountered in the past. The United Church provides to each search committee a database of all ministers who have listed themselves as available. These are ministers from around the world who are eligible to serve in the United Church. As I write this there are 251 listed as available, this includes people seeking part time ministry, short term contracts, interim ministry etc. There are also many who are seeking ministry in specific parts of Canada. By contrast there are 228 Communities of Faith seeking ministers.  

This gives a sense of the work in combing through the listings, connecting with those who might be a good fit and then proceeding with interviews.We will continue working at finding the right minister for First United into the new year.

Christmas Blessings on you. Our Christmas wish is that you continue to hold the search team in your prayers, as we continue our work of finding a minister.


Greg Case

Marilyn Gerriets

Isaac Morland

Kristin Snell

Carol Stephenson (Regional representative)

Joan Westcott