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As I drove over the Peace Bridge from Canada to the States, I had an overwhelming sense that "it is over" --- that the phase of my life as living in Canada is now complete. It was an odd sense, like the closing a chapter of a book . . . a book of my life that is filled with fond memories of people I have loved and have loved me.

Now, both you and I are entering a new season --- fall --- and a new beginning: I am entering into a life with my family, you are entering into a bridge time with the Rev. Fred Monteith who will accompany you until your called minister arrives. I hope you are as delighted and fulfilled with your new beginning as I am.

My New Life --- Family: The first night after I arrived, I had dinner with both my daughters, my son-in-law, grandson, and new granddaughter. What a delightful change after 14 years of eating by myself. My world has dramatically changed! The baby's family is just 15 minutes away and my daughter and grandson live next door. Amara Juliet Rose arrived on June 25th . . . what more can I want?

In addition, an ecumenical, weekly scripture/prayer group has already found me! I am infinitely grateful for the next phase of my life, as I am for the phase that I have just left.

Wishing you blessings upon blessings.

Much love, Rose Ann Vita