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The search committee has begun the process to find a new minister. 

We have attended training with the Western Ontario Waterways Region and have gained access to "Church Hub" where we have posted the availability of the First United position, along with the documents that were created through the transition process.
We have already received expressions of interest from some ministers and anticipate more over the coming weeks.
As a team, we've discussed how we will make decisions (by consensus) and how interviews will be conducted. Initial interviews will be online and second interviews will be in person (when feasible).
We have started the process of developing questions for our interviews.
It is important to note that this is for a full time position starting in early 2023 and is separate from the supply minister position being filled by the Reverend Fred Monteith from September to the time we call our new minister.
We ask that the congregation continue to keep us in your prayers
Greg Case
Marilyn Gerriets
Isaac Morland
Kristin Snell
Joan Westcott