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Calling all prospective gardeners: It’s time to plant our garden.

This year we have the garden boxes prepared, so hope to start planting. A small group—Jana Heemskerk, Marilyn Gerriets, Shirley Irish and Harry Disher met this week to make plans.

Jana will purchase seeds, and more soil; Marilyn has drawn up a watering and weeding schedule. If you would like to be involved this year, the first chance will be on Thursday, May 19th at 9:30, when the planting will be done. We really need to be consistent in the weeding, watering and thinning of plants in order to have a productive garden. Last year was our year to learn what to do and not to do. With that experience, let’s make it really happen this year! We will have the sign-up sheet at the church on Sunday. Join the fun! Contact Marilyn Gerriets at 1 (902) 318-9375 for more information.

Shirley Irish