August 28, 2020
Read all about it! Big news from last night’s board meeting!  New ministers voted in, full discussion and decision about in person worship, Rick Heemskerk now acting chair of board (Many thanks to Greg Case for staying on as acting chair since March)

Dear First United Community of Faith,
The Transition Team is pleased to introduce our new ministers, Rev. Harry Disher and Rev. Rose Ann Vita, approved by the Board last night. Harry will begin full-time on September 1 on a one-month contract and will start the Intentional Interim Minister role on October 1. Rose Ann will join us on January 1 as part-time Minister of Worship and Pastoral Care. We will be looking for supply for October, November and December to fill the Worship and Pastoral Care position until Rose Ann starts in January.
Welcome to First United, Harry and Rose Ann.
Transition Team: Shirley, Debora, Greg, Mary Joan, Cathie and Carol

The Rev. Harry L. Disher

I am excited about engaging in Intentional Interim Ministry with First United, Waterloo.  I am a CIS-gendered, white, privileged male, and I recognize there is a lot of fragility with that.  My pronouns are the usual “he”, “him”, and “his”; but my Greek mother-in-law just calls me “Hey, you!”  I have served five United church pastoral charges beginning with one four-point one in Nova Scotia and then four others in Ontario.  I have, since then, trained for Intentional Interim Ministry and as a Spiritual Director.  I have served in an Interim role with four congregations since 2013.  I value the sense of focus and purpose that Interim Ministry affords and bring my creativity, energy, and dedication to congregational community life to that role and calling.
I have weathered separation and divorce and was remarried six years ago to Diamond Fotiadis, who currently teaches teachers how to teach French at Althouse College in London (part of the University of Western Ontario).  My daughter from my first marriage, Jessica, is married to her husband Wes, and they recently gifted us with our first grandchild, Callista.  They live in Kitchener.  When I am not engaged in ministry, I enjoy travel, movies, hiking, and gathering with friends with my wife; and golf, reading, writing, and exercise at the gym (glad some of them are open again).   The Covid-19 pandemic has made it a challenging and reformative time to be church and to reconfigure how we go about being God’s church.  That, along with other goals we will establish, will be part and parcel of our time together in Intentional Interim Ministry.  I truly look forward to sharing that ministry journey with you and with my colleague, Rose Ann Vita.

The Rev. Rose Ann Vita
Warm greetings.
I have been in ministry over 20 years and have mellowed from being an energetic, try-everything, new newly ordained minister into to a well-seasoned pastoral presence. I have matured in my faith by serving with a variety of congregations in a variety of settings. Over time, I have grown into a calm-listening centre. Now I feel like the stabilizing pivotal point of a gyroscope that remains grounded in the midst of chaos and grief and provides orientation.
Some Basic Background Information:
Prior to ministry, I worked in book publishing. My first call was as a Lutheran Pastor in New York. In 2008, I came to Canada to serve with congregations going through an amalgamation, a closure, a merger, and discernment about their mission. Over the years, my love has grown for crafting worship, and small online house churches and Bible studies. My love for pastoral care has deepened as I continue to see clients as a psychotherapist.
My family lives in the States:
I have two grown daughters. Jo Ann is a single mother and Brenden is my 12-year-old grandson. Suzanne and Gregory were recently married. Gregory is a Presbyterian Minister and Suzanne is waiting for her first call as a Lutheran Pastor.
My passion is painting:
As noted, "You may think I am listening to you, but in my head, I am painting."
I am known for my light-heartedness and laughter and for the way I inspire people to become better than they thought they were.
I look forward to being with you as your Part-Time Minister of Worship and Pastoral Care. I can't wait to learn from you the ways in which God has touched your life.
Rose Ann Vita
Return to In Person Worship

The board has decided not to resume in person worship any earlier than October 18. We will communicate further plans after the board meeting in October. Preparations have begun to make sure that when we are ready to return to worship we can do so safely.

Worship Leadership for the coming weeks
The ways you can join:
You can go to for the service, First United Facebook page, or First United Youtube Channel
August 30 – Led by First United Church – John Wray (with Kathleen King-Martin and Kaitlyn Martin)
September 6 - Eva Mezo with Kathleen King-Martin
If you would be interested in leading a worship service or in participating in some way please let me know at
Pastoral Care during the summer
Aug 16-30            Rev. Jenn Hind-Urquhart,
                             Emmanuel United Church,
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