Friday, August 7th
Dear First United Friends,
On this fresh new day my mind and taste buds turn to fresh fruit and veggies satisfied by rain and sunshine in their growth process. I think of local farmers, migrant workers and all the “victory” gardens grown by my neighbours. We are blessed by a neighbour who shares her abundance of produce and the long hours of hard work that farm workers put in each day.
Although it’s not possible for First United to share fresh produce, for the past few months we have switched our Little Libraries to Little Pantries. Food insecurity is real for many in Kitchener-Waterloo and our donations of canned goods for the Little Pantries are a good way to share our abundance.  Cans can be put directly in the Pantries outside the Hilliard Hall entrance or dropped off at 210 Stanley Dr. (Kirk and Lynne’s house). Many thanks in advance! 
Take good care.
PS Look for sparks of life along the path. They will give you strength.


If you’d like to join us - Tues. and Thurs. at 9am on Zoom, we’d love to see you!
Praying with Scripture
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Worship Leadership for the coming weeks
August 9 - Led by Westminster United
If you would like to be part of the Zoom Call: Here's how to join us for worship on Sunday at 10:30 am:
Via computer/smart device:
Or via telephone call:
Toll-Free phone number: 1-833-753-9666 
(It will say "Welcome to Sunlife", that is okay)
Meeting code 1233413185
It is also available the usual ways
If you would be interested in leading a worship service or in participating in some way please let me know at
Pastoral Care during the summer:
Aug 1-15:             Rev. Joe Gasper,
                             Parkminster United Church,
                             519-885-0935 Ext 23,                                                                                   
Aug 16-30:           Rev. Jenn Hind-Urquhart,
                             Emmanuel United Church,


Signs of Life Returning to First
It is nice to welcome back Narcotics Anonymous to the church. They have been meeting at First on Tuesday evenings every week of the year for many years now, except for this year starting in March because of the pandemic.
When the Ontario government moved our region on to phase 2 and groups of 10 were allowed to gather, our NA contact person called the church office to see when their group could start to meet again and how that would be possible. Like Bailey’s, they were willing to do whatever it takes to meet safely.
Staff have arranged plastic chairs, that are easy to clean, 6 feet apart in a broad circle in the Labyrinth Room, with tape marking their position on the floor. The Chapel is set up for overflow. Only one washroom can be used and one person at a time. The group leader keeps a sign-in sheet for participants so that if someone in the group is affected by Covid-19, everyone can be contacted. Lists are posted outside the doors so that staff can keep track of when each room has been sanitized.
Narcotics Anonymous started meeting again on July 7.
Thanks to Staff and the Rental Committee.


Just a reminder about offering during this time of physical distance.
To get your offering to the office you can use PAR, e transfer, website donation or send a cheque. Checks can be dropped off at the church mailbox which is located at the Entrance on the William Street side of the building.
Also you may send your cheque to
First United Church
16 William St. West
Waterloo ON
N2L 1J3
Reminder, credit card companies have a fee of around 3-5%.  If you wish First to get the full amount, then please add that percentage to your contribution.
Stewardship/Finance Update:

  July Year to Date
General Fund Local                   $14,223.00 $110,886.26
Wage Subsidy Grant        622.93       3,451.08
Other Operations                               2,452.91     43,555.50
Mission & Outreach                           3,839.00     27,621.00
TOTAL INCOME                            21,137.84   185,513.84
TOTAL EXPENSES                       24,980.60   226,104.75
EXCESS INCOME\EXPENSES                   ($3,842.76) ($40,590.91)
Capital Income                                     235.00    46,233.22
Capital Expenses                                  23,007.65    54,307.52
CAPITAL EXCESS INC\EXP          ($22,772.65)  ($8,074.30)

Thanks everyone for your continued support and please do not forget our Easter collection that supports Supportive Housing of Waterloo, Rainbow Camp and the Skylight Festival.            


Church School Coordinator - Emmanuel United Church, Waterloo
With the departure of our church school coordinator, we are looking for a new individual to serve in this role.  We are looking for someone with an outgoing and co-operative personality who has great organizational and leadership skills.  The successful applicant will be flexible and have experience working with children of various ages who have a variety of needs.  Please send your application to by August 18, 2020

Together We Stand, but Apart