Dwell in Kindness
Friday, July 3rd

Dear family of First United Church,
This summer we are finding creative ways to continue to provide worship throughout the season. Westminster United Church will be joining us online for the next two weeks for Sunday worship. In the same way Westminster United Church will be hosting us the first two weeks of August. 
I feel blessed that we have made connections over the years as colleagues and congregations so that we have past experiences to call upon to make our time together more meaningful.  It is important right now that we continue to reach out to one another in whatever ways are available. We are one in Spirit.
Be well,
Eva Mezo
 Message from Lynne:

Hi, Everyone!
Curious or wondering  about being part of  “Praying with Scripture” Zoom gatherings on Tues. and Thurs. mornings 9-9:45 am?
We’d love to have you!

Questions you might want answers for-
What's “Praying with Scripture” all about?
We gather online for silent prayer for 2-3 minutes at the beginning. Then one of us facilitates the group, reading a scripture passage 3 times with silent time in between to listen for God speaking to us, a phrase that speaks to us individually and then how this passage speaks to us now in our lives. Then the floor is open for reflection and discussion. There is never any pressure to speak or share and always the opportunity to listen and gain new insight.
Who can be part of the group and do I have to be there every time?
Anyone may be part of the group! We use a program called Zoom. Some of you might already have used Zoom for other gatherings while we haven’t able to meet in person. The link to get to it is shown when you click on Events on the First United’s website. If you haven’t used it before, we have several people in the group who could help you.

You don’t need to come every time although we have found we look forward to being together.
Why might I want to join?
A little sharing of thoughts from the group might help. We are happy to see others’ smiles! The silent prayer relaxes us and helps us get ready to listen. The scripture passages and reflecting on them make a difference! God shows up or rather God has been waiting for us to join in. Calmness, reassurance, respite from worries, support, opening our eyes, challenging us to act are some things we have noticed. We are getting know each other better and feel support and freedom to share and question.

Try something new.
As was shared at one gathering- “Tuning in” on Tues. and Thurs. with the group means there’s a better chance I’ll “tune in” on other days by myself.
More questions, I’ll answer. For Zoom help, I’ll connect you to an expert! Contact Lynne Blake-Dickson 519-744-5012. kbd@golden.net
We’d love to have you!


Here’s the link for the Seniors Month Celebration Interview Project on Rogers.  This came together quickly after Tuesday’s meeting, with Sharon and Jocelyn agreeing to be interviewed.

It has been a few months since we had an update.  I am pleased to tell you that donations to the Challenge this year have meant that each month’s loan payment to date has been covered.
But we need some additional donations to get the full amount of the June payment covered and then to have the summer payments covered too.  Your extra donation identified for the Resiliency Challenge will be appreciated.                                       
Joan Westcott
Just a reminder about offering during this time of physical distance.
To get your offering to the office you can use PAR, e transfer, website donation www.firstunitedchurch.ca or send a cheque. Cheques can be dropped off at the church mailbox which is located at the Entrance on the William Street side of the building.
Also you may send your cheque to
First United Church
16 William St. West
Waterloo ON
N2L 1J3
Reminder, credit card companies have a fee of around 3-5%.  If you wish First to get the full amount, then please add that percentage to your contribution.
If anyone knows of an apartment or part of a house that would be available for the Badr family (3 people) to rent please call Bryan Kirkham 519-888-7117 or Sheena in the church office 519-745-8487. Prefer 2-bedroom.

                      Together We Stand, but Apart