Dear First United Church community of faith

The promise of spring in its full glory has arrived. With it our desire to be out and about may also have increased. Wherever this splendid lush weather leads you, I trust that you are taking the needed precautions and care. 

We continue to offer online worship throughout the summer. It is our hope that many of you find ways to contribute to our services. Several of you have written the Prayers of the People for earlier services. If this is something you would like to do please send me your written or recorded prayer



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Affordable Accommodation Needed –
If anyone knows of an apartment or part of a house that would be available for the Badr family (3 people) to rent please call Bryan Kirkham 519-888-7117 or Sheena in the church office 519-745-8487. Prefer 2-bedroom.

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  Anti-Black Racism

In response to the demonstrations across the United States and Canada in the wake of the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, the Anglican Church in Canada and the United Church of Canada have issued a joint letter.  

The letter includes some suggestions for actions we might take.  

Please click on this address to access the letter:

Moderator Richard Bott adds “If we don’t look at this issue and realize we are part of the problem we can’t be part of the solution.  This is the work of White members of the church, and the time has come to commit ourselves to this work, for everyone’s sake.”

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Finance Update    
    May Year to Date
General Fund Local   $18,404.00 $79,504.26
Wage Subsidy Grant   $1,547.08 $1,547.08
Other Operations   6,612.08 34,884.84
Mission & Outreach   3,327.00 18,865.00
TOTAL INCOME   29,890.16 134,801.18
TOTAL EXPENSES   25,912.97 174,755.58
EXCESS INCOME\EXPENSES $3,977.19 ($39,954.40)
Capital Income   10,320.00 45,083.22
Capital Expenses   14,592.51 31,208.99
CAPITAL EXCESS INC\EXP   ($4,272.51) $13,874.23
We appreciate your generosity and continuing support!  
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 Indigenous History Month Speaker Series

The month of June was designated Indigenous History Month in Canada in 2009.  You may wish to access the Indigenous History Month Speaker Series on Sundays this month at 4 p.m. for a discussion of the past, present and future of Indigenous ministry, advocacy and social justice with Indigenous Elders, Ministers and Leaders from the United Church.  The sessions are open to everyone.

June 7 – Foundations: Indigenous Women’s Spirituality with Rev. Bernice Saulteaux
June 14 – Formation: Indigeneity in Christian Formation with the Very Rev. Stan McKay
June 21 – Indigenous People’s Day: The Indigenous Church, Mission and Call with Rev. John Snow Jr.
June 28 – Vision: The Caretakers Report and the Future Indigenous Church with Adrian Jacobs, Keeper of the Circle, Sandy Saulteaux Spiritual Centre

To access the series, contact Tony Snow to obtain the Zoom link.
Contact Tony Snow at