September 25, 2020
A Quick Reminder!!!
Please wear an orange shirt/other clothing this Sunday. Send a picture of yourself wearing it to Pictures will be put into a collage to show First United's support for Residential School survivors.
Cathie Stewart Savage - Outreach Committee
Renewal and Revitalization Update
Last Sunday before the service, Greg Case gave an update on the renewal process First United is undertaking with Betty Pries and Cayla Charles of Credence and Co and reminded everyone that as we move forward we are wanting to revisit the Season of Prayer. He indicated that the resources are available on our Church website by going to, then choosing Interim Ministry Updates and then clicking on Prayer, Discernment and Revitalization where you will find the information about the weekly prayer topics.
I also want to let you know you will be receiving an email package next week including all the renewal resources currently on our website as well as important dates to note of upcoming services and on line discussions.
As well there are videos that share the information presented by Betty in our live sessions in Hilliard Hall which I found to be a helpful review.
The information will also be delivered to those members who regularly receive printed copies.
Muriel Omand-Naylor
(on behalf of  the renewal committee)
Safe Start Team Update
Do you have questions, concerns or suggestions for the Safe Start Team?
Our new E-Mail address is, so fire away!
We will be putting together an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) repository to share with the First community.
Cathie Stewart Savage (Chair), Ken Arnett, Jay Brooker, Sheena Curwood, Rev. Harry Disher, Joe Hipperson, Kathleen King Martin, John Lindsay, Ron Taylor.
Worship in the Coming Weeks
September 27 -  Harry Disher with Kathleen King Martin
October 4 -  Harry Disher and Kathleen King Martin
Next Sunday, October 4 is Worldwide Communion Sunday.  We will be celebrating the Sacrament of Communion on-line.  You will need to have bread or a gluten-free cracker and grape juice or wine on a table nearby when you and those with you are viewing the worship service.  You will serve yourself or one another when the time of receiving the elements happens.  You may offer to say the words “the body of Christ broken for you”, “the blood of Christ shed for you”.  Let me encourage you to consider using a non-North American bread such as pita or naan, or check out a recipe for making bannock (a staple of our First Nations peoples).  You could buy the international bread or bake it at home from scratch.
Harry Disher
The ways you can join:
You can go to for the service, First United Facebook page, or First United Youtube Channel.
If you would be interested in leading a worship service or in participating in some way please let me know at
Let's get together after church this week on Zoom! This is a chance to have friendly "coffee time" with others in our church and check in with one another. The Zoom will start at 11:15 (or so). Thanks to Muriel for hosting us.
Join Zoom Meeting
+1 647 374 4685 Canada
+1 647 558 0588 Canada
Meeting ID: 894 2610 0259
For Pastoral Care needs please call the church office (519-745-8487) or email at
Stewardship/Finance Update:
Again, we thank you for keeping up your commitment over the summer.  Compared to other years we are able to say that it is level with what we normally see.  What has made the difference this year and has increased the deficit more than was budgeted, is no fundraising and limited rentals. This has made at least a $10,000 to $15,000 difference to our bottom line and also has started to put us behind in the Resiliency Fund.  If you find that you have some extra income because you have not been able to eat out or enjoy socializing with your friends or enjoy those extra shopping sprees this summer, that you would be willing to share with us, we would very much appreciate it.
Here’s hoping the Fall and a new ministry experience will start bringing us back to a more positive place. 
Keep well and safe!
Nancy Lennox
  Aug Year to Date
General Fund Local                   $13,690.00 $124,576.26
Wage Subsidy Grant        773.54       4,224.62
Other Operations                               2,192.38     45,747.88
Mission & Outreach                           3,082.00     30,703.00
TOTAL INCOME                            19,737.92   205,251.76
TOTAL EXPENSES                       22,158.18   248,262.93
EXCESS INCOME\EXPENSES                   ($2,420.26) ($43,011.17)
Capital Income                                     195.00    46,428.22
Capital Expenses                                         86.87    54,394.39
CAPITAL EXCESS INC\EXP               $108.13  ($7,966.17)
Thanks everyone for your continued support.
To get your offering to the office you can use PAR, e transfer to, website donation or send a cheque. Cheques can be dropped off at the church mailbox which is located at the Entrance on the William Street side of the building.
Also you may send your cheque to
First United Church
16 William St. West
Waterloo ON
N2L 1J3
Reminder, credit card companies have a fee of around 3-5%.  If you wish First to get the full amount, then please add that percentage to your contribution.
Church Photo Directory
If you participated in the Photo Directory and have not yet got your copy, please contact the office at 519-745-8487 Ext 201 or to arrange a time to pick up your copy.  Thank you, Sheena
Together We Stand, but Apart