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Put on your thinking cap (and your prayer hat)!

Here’s information for you from our Board meeting on March 10 around our request that an experienced, specially trained intentional interim minister, be appointed for First as soon as possible.

After discussion of the draft job description for our intentional interim minister with Diane Blanchard, the Minister of Pastoral Relation at Western ON Waterways Region who joined our board meeting, we voted to accept the job description.

The next step is sending it in to our Region office to be approved. After approval, it will be posted online on “The Hub” for intentional interim ministers to view.

Important next step - Here’s where the Board needs your help! We need suggestions for 4-6 people from our faith community to be part of the Transition Team which also has 1-2 members from the Region Council. Their initial job will be to select our intentional interim minster which then branches into working with the new minister for their term (usually 2yrs.) and providing leadership in refining and working towards established goals (among other responsibilities).

So...... put on your thinking cap and your prayer cap... Email 1-3 suggestions for members of this important team with reasons for your choices and then sign your name. Thank you to those who have already sent in suggestions!

***Important- Submissions are due by April 6 th!

**Remember to consider these attributes - trusted, respected, gentle truth-teller, listener who hears all perspectives, prayerful, active participant, able to commit time and energy.


The process to select members - your suggestions > nominating committee chooses slate > Board votes.

If you’d like to learn more about Intentional Interim Ministry: