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Hello Westminster, First and Emmanuel Folks!

Over the past several months a small working group of members from Westminster, First and Emmanuel have been working toward creating a multiple-church youth group. This process has been filled with joy, faith and a few challenges. We are very pleased to now be looking for a youth group leader.  

The youth group leader will provide leadership and support of youth in grades 7 to 12. They will support and actively encourage the development of an LGBTQIA inclusive and neurodiverse accepting group of teenagers, to provide brave space to them.

This team position runs twice a month, and the leaders of this team are expected to have an excellent working relationship both with each other, and the youth in the program. This youth group leader will work together with the Student Minister from Westminster to plan and run in-person programs, and consult with parents, ministers and lay leadership as required. This ongoing position runs 6 hours per month/leader.  Two Thursday evenings per month are a requirement of this position. The position pays out at 20 dollars per hour.

Interested candidates can ask for a copy of the full job description. Please apply to the position by August 21, 2023. Email resume and cover letter to: